Saturday, June 18, 2011

JPJ,SIJIL SPM dan lain2

Today I would really like to start my post with assalamualaikum for those who are muslims and also a very good day for others. It has been 2 weeks since I have left my laptop because I had gone to some places for a few events that really caught my attention.

Let me begin with MY SISTER departure to UK for furthering her degree in Pharmacy. I would say this is quite fulfilling for my family as I am not going for overseas degree program in the following years until my graduation hails. But, I was lucky enough to see other people with their baggages travelling to another land in pursuit of studying. It has been a long time since I last stepped in the very building of KLIA. Back then, we travel back to our home in the northern part of Malaysia.

As we headed back home, I recollected that the SPM certs have arrived at the school's office. So, without wasting any thoughts, we just drove off to SERATAS, my last school throughout my whole education years. I brought my IC and the school's clerk gave me a cert that looked just above this post. The GCE-O certs are not at school yet, so we just have to wait for at least another 6 months or so. It was a school holiday and as a result, nobody was at school except a few teachers/wardens and some office's staffs.

The consecutive week, I had this so-called JPJ test. So, I had nothing to expect as I drove quite badly and horribly during the practice session. With the extremely, negative-thoughtful driving school instructor had just make my day even worse. On the day of Thursday, 16/6/2011, I walked to the driving school for the test after arriving at the spot with my school intsructor. Technically, he sent me to this school and he left. I had to wait for long hours before I received the forms that was handed to the JPJ officers. I got NO 27 for the waiting list of the test. The JPJ test basically consists of two parts, which is the circuit session and the road session. When The JPJ people mentioned that I can get into the car, I was so freaking out till my last breath. It was this slope hill test. I made a few prayers and lastly, I made it at the top of the hill. At that moment, I had just pressed my clutch and the foot's brake, but he simultaneously instructed me to raise my hand, indicating that my car was at the right position. I was about to panic at that time, and calmed myself before I put on the hand brake, pressing the clutch and the fuel pedal and manages to move the car downhill successfully. The parking and the turn-about test was ok, because I did not really have problem with those.

The final test arrived when I had the car moving from the school to the road nearby the school. I definitely recounted every moment that I went through. The most apparent mistake that I made was I went to the wrong road. The jpj officer had earlier mentioned jalan satu, but I was so confused with all the 3 roads that I have taken. So, in the end I found out that I had taken jalan dua. But, I guessed the jpj officer was kind enough to me eventhough the car's engine went off suddenly when I was at the junction, realising the fact that I made a lot of mistakes such as turn-around with high gear mode and driving at right lane despite moving on the road quite slowly. I mean the "right" lane is the most right lane at the road that is used for speeding and crossing other vehicles on the left side of the road.

As you can see, the test's slips are on the above of the post. So that's all. I have to make full use of these 2 years of sijil memandu percubaan before I can get the SIJIL MEMANDU KOMPETEN.

amer azmi

always at the edge of glory

alor setar


oh,btw i should include my overall result for the semester 2 of my asasi session.

  1. FJAX 0113- B (the only subject with b, it is algebra and statistics)

  2. FJAX 0114- A

  3. FKAX 0113- A

  4. FKAX 0114- A- (organic chem, lots of memorizing and understanding the organic stuff)

  5. FMAX 0113- A- (quite weird, for mid sem test, I got an A, i GUESS there are mistakes)

  6. FMAX 0114- A

  7. FQAH 0113- A

  8. FQAH 0114- A

I don't really want to say much about this result because what matters is the PASUM overall result not this one. But, I can say and prove to you that I did poorly in semester 1 due to my health problem during the one week test period. From 2A- in semester 1 to 7A'S and 1B in semester 2. From 3.08 to 3.80 in semester 2. WELL, the CGPA WAS QUITE AVERAGE as the semester 2 GPA has to be combined with semester 1's. So, the overall CGPA is 3.44.

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